Willow Ridge Angelina

7 Acre’s Willow Ridge Boo x 7 Acre’s Willow Ridge Brock

Weight: 75 lbs. 
Nose:  1.5″
Height: 20″
Head:  20″
Date of Birth: September 28, 2013

Lineage of Note: Ch. PHX’s Blue Legend, Ch. Charley Brown Rosette, Ch. 7 Acre’s The Bulldogge Braddock, and Ch. Mischief AZ Roscoe P. Coletrain.  Her Grandmother, Taurus Kali of Pacific Blue, is an IOEBA Best in Show Winner.

Personality: Angelina is our keeper puppy from Boo and Brock’s 2013 litter.  She just “spoke” to me as a puppy:o)  She is definitely as smart as her mother, Boo, also a retriever in a bully suit, is a fabulous cuddler, and as an added big PLUS, she is a complete hoot!  (See video below.)  She is a fabulous swimmer, loves getting muddy, jumping on top of HUGE rolled hay bales, riding atop the Gator, sleeping on top of the crates, climbing our wood pile.  Well, I guess you could say she just loves being “high.”  She also loves racing with the other bullies, chasing our barn cats on occasion and hunting for frogs.  She was easy to train, well, until now she’s started showing a bit of bully stubbornness…She knows what I’m saying but ignores me until I take one step toward her and THEN she complies:o)  Such a hoot.  Angelina is perfectly healthy and overall a very well balanced, conformationally and emotionally, OEB.     She’s simply yummy!



Angelina and her Mom, Boo, and Dad, Brockangelina-boo-brock-100316-img_9026

Angelina and Uncle Buck watching the fishangelina-090416-3years-img_8747

Three generations:  Mom Boo, Daughter Angelina

and Angelina’s son, Miloboo-angelina-milo-101816-img_9212

Princess AngelinaAngelina.Front.IMG_1646

Farmer Angelina

Chicken Herder Angelina

Blue Diamond’s Blue Cache “Chloe”

Blue Diamond’s Swaggy P x Blue Diamond’s Naveya

Weight: 47 lbs.
Nose:  TBD
Height: TBD
Head:  TBD
Date of Birth:  September 6, 2015


Lineage of Note: