Busy Start to Spring!

May 27, 2014We put garlic in late Fall 2013 and potatoes and onions just after the last frost mid-April 2014.   In March we had a totally-enclosed barn built for our equipment–yeah!!!    1-Barn_Brock.051714

Unfortunately, rain kept us out of the fields with the tractor for quite awhile so we are way behind in planting our Spring crops.  We have kept busy, however, planting perennial flowers, flowering bushes and trees all around the property to attract beneficial insects and support our honey bees.    

The Mrs. fell in the pond several times trying to plant spreading cover plants on the seriously sloped side of the dam.  Please note:  laying down on the sloped side of the dam does not prevent one from “sliding” into the pond.   She found that one of her favorite digging tools also serves very well as a “keep me from sliding into the pond” tool:o)

Garden Knife.2014

Our fruit trees are looking good so far.  This is the first year we’ve had apple blossoms! The apple trees were planted in 2010 so it’s taken 4 years to get blossoms.    In the past, the annual Japanese Beetle invasion in the orchard has skeletonized the fruit trees despite our best efforts to control them.   This will be the 3rd season since we applied milky spore to the entire property and we are very hopeful (fingers crossed) we will see a significant decrease in Japanese Beetles this year.  If not, the Mrs. will have a fit and fall in it…  It will be ugly.   And we will be buying and applying beneficial nematodes to the property.

Apple Blossom.3.2014 Apple Blossom.2.2014

We are also very excited to have new chicks!   We have a dozen Black Copper Marans, two dozen Golden Comets and a dozen Ameraucanas.   Once they are old enough they will be in charge of supplying us with eggs and hopefully keeping the insect population under control in the orchard.  Oh please, oh please, oh please!1-Chicks.051714

The blackberries and blueberries are quickly ripening!Blackberries.051714 1-Blueberries.052014

Our potatoes, onions and sunflowers are coming along very nicely. 

1-IMG_1373 1-IMG_1372

Corn, tomatoes, peppers, squash, eggplant, cantaloupe, and cucumbers are in the ground.

Our fig trees took a beating from the very late frost but are thankfully on the mend.1-IMG_1374

Brock’s “friend,” Sir Henry, the Blue Heron, has returned:)


And Miss Mina is busy busy making babies!  Due Father’s Day weekend.   We are so excited!