Happy Customers

We are so pleased with Buzz (“Willow Ridge Catchin’ a Buzz).  He is an extraordinarily happy dog who sees each new person or animal as a friend he just hasn’t met yet.  Lueann’s farm is an ideal place to have dogs of any sort and it’s evident how much her dogs love being there, working with her, swimming in the pond, smelling the chickens and running alongside Lueann when she’s on the Gator.

Her care for the dogs and puppies when she has them, is evident.  You could not find a better breeder if you’re looking for an Olde English Bulldogge.

The McMahonsNorth Carolina

Our family had a wonderful experience buying our dog from Lueann and Kent. We had been the owners of a traditional English bulldog prior to buying Boo and Brock’s Bess from Willow Ridge, and Lueann impressed us immediately with her deep knowledge of the Olde English Bulldogge breed as well as her high level of personal integrity. She cares so deeply about her animals, and she also cares so much about the human families they enter. From our first interaction, Lueann treated us exactly as we (or anyone) would ideally want to be treated – with warmth, responsiveness, intelligence, compassion, patience – and humor. She helped us pick our puppy, communicated extensively with us before, during, and after pickup, and has remained an absolute lifeline as we have grown with and trained our family dog for the last eight months. I cannot recommend Lueann and Kent highly enough. If you are looking to get a healthy, beautiful dog from a breeder who will stay in your life in the most positive way to support you, you will not do better than Willow Ridge.

The AaronsDurham North Carolina