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Willow Ridge Farm is located in Rougemont, North Carolina.  We are a small fruits and vegetables farm with lots to do and always much to learn.    We have ~ 40 blueberry bushes, ~500 thornless blackberry bushes, 1 small and 1 huge asparagus fields, 36 heirloom apple trees, 5 heirloom pear trees, 4 grapevines, 2 mulberry bushes, 5 nectarine trees, 3 peach trees and a stocked pond.  

In addition to our fruits and vegetables, we raise a couple of somewhat rare breeds of chickens.  We currently have breeding pairs of Light Sussex and Creme Legbars.  We also have breeding pairs of Black Copper Marans and Leghorns.    

We are big fans of the rare Olde English Bulldogge breed and share our home and farm with 7…Yes, 7 of ’em!   We do have a litter usually once a year.  Click HERE to go to our bulldogge pages.

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Kent and Lueann Duke