About Willow Ridge Farm and Olde English Bulldogges


Hi There!  Thanks for stopping by our website!

Willow Ridge Farm is located in the Caldwell community in Northern Orange County, North Carolina.  We are a start-up pesticide-free fruits and vegetables farm with lots to do and so much to learn.   We took a break from farming during 2013 to build a guesthouse to live in until we can build our main house.    During 2014 we focused on our bulldogges, improving our blackberry, blueberry and asparagus production and raising ~75 egg layers.  We have 25 Ameraucanas, 25 Black Copper Marans and 25 Golden Comets.  Please visit our Blog Page for updates on our farm progress.

We also do limited breeding and showing of Olde English Bulldogges.  Puppies are whelped, raised, loved on and played with (a lot) in our home.  Puppies are raised with an open crate in their pen so they are familiar with them when they leave us at 8 weeks.  They are also trained to go to the bathroom in a designated area in their indoor pen and when they hear “go potty” to help new owners with house training.  We also start working with them on “no bite” when their puppy teeth come in to help make the transitions to their new homes hopefully easier ones.  

Please visit our 2014 Breedings page for information/pictures of our June 14, 2014 Mina x Brock litter, our October 30, 2014 Boo x Brock litter as well as pictures of Boo x Brock’s 2013 litter.   We also have a sweet petite love, Miss Josy, that is up for adoption.  Please check her out on our Available For Adoption page.

If you are interested in purchasing one of our puppies, or would like to contact us for any other reason, please use our Contact Page.   We would like to put our email address and phone number on the site but the spam and robot phone calls become overwhelming very quickly.

Again, thanks very much for visiting our website!

All the best,

Kent and Lueann Duke